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Exercise & Reading

12 minutes of exercise improves attention, reading comprehension

A new Dartmouth study shows 12 minutes of exercise can improve attention and reading comprehension in low-income adolescents, suggesting that schools serving low-income populations should work brief bouts of exercise into their daily schedules.

The study, published as part of the June volume of Frontiers in Psychology, compared low-income adolescents with their high-income peers. While both groups saw improvement in selective visual attention up to 45 minutes after exercising, the low-income group experienced a bigger jump. (Selective visual attention is the ability to remain visually focused on something despite distractions.) The low-income students also improved on tests of reading comprehension following the physical activity, but the high-income students did not.

Study author Michele Tine, assistant professor of education and principal investigator in the Poverty and Learning Lab at Dartmouth, suspects the two groups respond to exercise differently because they experience different levels of stress in life.

“Low-income individuals experience more stress than high-income individuals, and stress impacts the same physiological systems that acute aerobic exercise activates,” Tine said. “Physiological measures were beyond the scope of this study, but low-income participants did report experiencing more stress. Alternatively, it is possible that low-income individuals improved more simply because they had more room to improve.”

This study is a follow-up to one Tine published in 2012. The earlier study found that brief aerobic exercise improved selective visual attention among children, with low-income participants experiencing the biggest improvement. Tine’s latest study shows the effect holds true for adolescents (participants this time ranged from 17 to 21). It also explores, for the first time, exercise’s effects on reading comprehension, an important research area because the gap between low- and high-income adolescents’ reading comprehension is growing steadily.


In the state of California – elementary students are required to have 200mins. every two weeks for P.E. (not including recess).

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Benefits of Phys Ed

Why is having P.E. in elementary schools important?

Many students/children are having less and less movement activities due to the growing of technology items in their households or/and classrooms.  Studies have shown that children are less active now days then in the past . . . this includes the healthy aspects of their daily life activities too.


The importance of having Phy. Ed classes in schools can help those students relax and have less stress during their overall day.  Also, students can learn about teamwork and goal orientated skills in their daily P.E. class, but one the best part of having PE in schools…..students can interact with different people and make new friends too.

Great article – importance PE kids

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Summer Reading

Summer Reading . . . Why is it important?

Many elementary students love to read or don’t really enjoy the reading concept during the school year but it’s very important to have children read during their summer break.

  • Have your kids or students go visit the local library once a week or join a children’s book club to keep the motivation of reading going during the school year and/or the summer time . . . the best part is that they can make new friends or bring friends along the way.

Studies show that kids who read for fun often out-perform kids who don’t in school.


My goal was to make fun, colorful, funny books that promote the importance of health to kids and family . . . . and keep the fun of reading going for all ages.

Radio/Blog Interview

A fun interview about my children’s books by Mr. Golden from The Power of Perceptions – The Mystery of the Lost Recipe & The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms.

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Thank you to everyone that has support me and my children’s books, The Mystery of the Lost Recipe & The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms.  My goal is to promote healthy living to kids of all ages in a colorful, creative…. and of course, fun way.  I hope you can read over the 5star reviews on and buy the books today.

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